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Huge savings for businesses

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Bolster employee morale and discover new revenue channels with affordable EV charging for businesses.

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At London Charging, we’re your bridge to this green future. Our EV stations at your premises stand as a symbol of your sustainable pledge.
Electrifying rides, empowered by passion
Modern workforces are pivoting to electric vehicles. Experience the convenience of charging during work hours. Join businesses nationwide in this transformative wave.

The green advantage

Elevate your company's green credentials

Beyond perks
EV charging isn’t just an employee benefit; it's central to attracting and retaining talent.

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Propel more employees towards environmentally-friendly travel choices.

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We understand every office and parking space's distinct needs.

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Benefits of EV charging at work

A satisfied EV chargepoint client and of London Charging and business owner sat in one of his electric vehicles in West London
Change the game
• Attract and retain elite professionals with convenient EV charging• Improve employee satisfaction• Ensure your team remains focused, without any charging worries.
Richmond upon Thames commercial plaza EV chargepoint being used, highlighting a partnership with London Charging.
Profitable green choices
• Set charging rates for visitors and create new revenue streams.
• Efficiently manage and optimise energy expenditure.
EV chargepoints by London Charging lining an Amazon warehouse in Brent filled with  fleet vehicles
Champion a carbon-free future
• Promote in-house EV charging for a sustainable planet.
• Aim for zero-emission business vehicles.

How much could you save?

Let's say you're a business looking to install six electric vehicle chargers in your staff parking

Original cost of installation: £5760
Infrastructure grant savings: As the grant provides up to 75% of the cost, this would equate to 75% of £5760 = £4320
You save: £4320
Your cost post grant: £1440
By utilising the infrastructure grant, you can get up to £30,000 or 75% off the cost of installation.
Let London Charging help you secure vast savings.
Helpful info about government schemes and incentives


EV infrastructure grant
For staff and fleets

Let London Charging help secure an infrastructure grant of up to £15,000

    Designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Fund covers up to 75% of chargepoint infrastructure and installation costs. Maximum grant amount: £15,000.
Claim details
    £350 for each chargepoint socket.
£500 for each parking space equipped with necessary infrastructure.
Infrastructure requirements
Each parking space must connect to a distinct socket.
Infrastructure should support: Minimum of 5 parking spaces and at least one operational chargepoint.
Need guidance? Speak to an expert
Need guidance? Speak to an expert
Detailed government information regarding the Infrastructure Grant can be found here
Workplace Charging Scheme
Let London Charging help you save £350 per chargepoint
    A voucher-based scheme to assist in the upfront costs of EV chargepoint acquisition and setup.
Available for businesses, charities, and public sector organisations that meet specific criteria.
Grants up to 75% of the complete costs, including VAT, for purchase and installation.
Claim details
    Up to £350 for each chargepoint socket. A limit of 40 sockets across all applicant sites, meaning a potential single socket for each of 40 sites
Simple grant reclamation
Successful applicants receive a unique identification voucher code via email.
Any questions? Talk to our specialist
Any questions? Talk to our specialists
Detailed government information regarding the Infrastructure Grant can be found here
Helpful info about EV charging

EV Charger FAQ's

What is the cost of an EV charge point, and are there any grants available?

The investment for a 7.4kW charge point totals less than £1,000, including both supply and installation. You can make the most of an OLEV grant that offsets the expense, resulting in an estimated outlay of around £400-500, VAT included. Additionally, grants are accessible for businesses interested in implementing charge points at their workplaces. For comprehensive information on available EV charger grants for residential and commercial use, kindly refer to this link.

Can I utilise solar panels to charge my EV?

Certainly, there exist two viable methods. The first approach involves using the dedicated Zappi charger, which diverts surplus solar generation directly into your electric vehicle, enhancing your eco-friendly mobility. However, it's essential to have your EV stationed at home during daylight hours. Alternatively, you can harness a battery system to store the excess solar energy, discharging it into your EV during evening hours. This battery can also power your household devices once the sun has set. To get started, schedule a free site survey. One of our specialists will guide you on costs and installation timelines.

Can I directly charge my car from solar panels without an inverter?

No, electric vehicles require an AC supply for charging.

If I want to install a battery will you survey my property for free?

Of course! Our site surveys for battery installations are 100% complimentary.

Are different chargers required for various EV models?

Electric vehicles adhere to two standard connectors, namely Type 1 and Type 2. While the industry is gravitating towards Type 2 as the universal standard, charge points supporting both types are available. Moreover, Type 1 to Type 2 adapter cables are also on offer.

How long does an EV charger installation typically take?

As a general rule, the installation process takes about half a day. However, if your fuse box is positioned far from the charge point's location or if cabling needs to traverse internal spaces, the installation timeline might be slightly extended.

How do we make your chargepoint installation simple?

Our tried and trusted process

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EV expert
Reach out by phone or drop us an email. We'll ask a few questions and give you a straight up price.
Free assessment, perfect fit
Happy with the quote? Let's dive into a no-obligation consultation and find your ideal solution.
Effortless setup
With our streamlined process, expect your installation to be operational in no time.