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In the bustling heart of the UK, a revolution is stirring-

Grounded in the rebellious energy and dynamic spirit encapsulated in the iconic song "London Calling" by The Clash. Our identity, London Charging, is more than a nod to this legendary anthem; it's a declaration of our commitment to reshaping the energy industry, echoing the fervor and boundary-pushing ethos of the song that inspires our name.

At the helm of this venture is Managing Director Nick Ravenscroft, a seasoned electrician who has honed his expertise through a decade in reactive electrical maintenance, working closely with both individuals and corporate entities across London's prime real estate landscapes. Garnering recognition from Wired Magazine for his adept handling of high-level emergencies, Nick was spurred to elevate his business vision, blending principles of reliability, excellence, and honesty into a forward-moving force.

With London Charging, we are not only installing solar, batteries and EV chargers; we are spearheading a movement towards a sustainable future. As steadfast electricians boasting years of hands-on experience, we embody dedication and a knack for impeccable customer service, forging a path to serve London swiftly and dependably, like no one else before. Join us as we rev up the clean engines of change, steering London into a vibrant, eco-friendly future.
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