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We're a government approved installer since 2017.  Get 75% off your installation price by having us claim grants on your behalf.

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UK Gov approved installer registered with OZEV
Get 75% off with EV grants
Huge savings for renters, home-owners and landlords
Huge savings for renters, home-owners and landlords

Maximise your EV charging savings

Expert installation and guidance

As a UK Government-approved installer and an Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) member since 2017, we’re your trusted partner in the transition to electric vehicles. We not only offer seamless installation of EV charge points but also guide you in availing government grants that can save you £350 per chargepoint and 75% off the price of installations.
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How much could you save?

Let's say you're a homeowner looking to install two electric vehicle chargers

Original cost of installation: £1449
EVCG savings: As the grant allows £350 per chargepoint, this would equate to £1449 - £700 = £749
You save: £700
Your cost post grant: £749
By utilising the EVCG, you can save £350 per chargepoint. London Charging helps you secure solid savings.

Charger installations you can trust

With installations for government entities including the Port of London Authority

Our independent expertise has led to a diverse portfolio of successful installations for businesses, homes and government entities
Our EV chargepoint installations come with a robust 10 year guarantee on workmanship.
We use Tier 1 products with 25 year guarantees

Expert EV Charging Solutions

Tailored solutions using state-of-the-art technology for your home

Experience state-of-the-art EV charging solutions, tailored precisely to your needs. Our expert team excels in versatile installation methods, be it wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or socket configurations. Driven by your requirements, we employ advanced techniques and conduct meticulous site surveys for cost accuracy and optimal charging.
Helpful info about government schemes and incentives


Electric vehicle chargepoint grant
If you own or rent a flat

If you qualify for the grant, we'll take care of the claim on your behalf

Claim details
    Homeowners can receive up to 75% of the installation cost, capped at £350 (including VAT). This significantly eases the financial burden, making the switch to electric vehicles more appealing.
Eligibility checklist
    To utilise the charge point facility for eligible electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids, you must be the registered owner or primary user of the vehicle. Only authorized OLEV installers like London Charging can handle the grant for this service, which requires off-street parking for the installation. If you don't have the necessary parking space, consult your Local Authority for potential assistance. The scheme allows up to two charging points per residence.
Overview     The Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant is a UK government initiative managed by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). Its goal is to support the uptake of low emission vehicles by helping homeowners with the costs of installing an EV charge point at home. Most EV owners tend to charge their vehicles at home, and this scheme makes the transition smoother and more affordable.
Need guidance? Speak to an expert
Need guidance?
Speak to an expert
Detailed government information regarding the EV Charging Grant can be found here
We are OLEV-approved for all of the brands listed below

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Helpful info about EV charging

EV Charger FAQ's

Am I eligible for a home charge point installation with London Charging?

To qualify for a home car charging point installation, you must meet the following criteria:
• Possess dedicated off-street parking • Have a Wi-Fi connection or a router • Obtain landlord permission if you're renting • Reside within mainland Great London

What’s included in a home installation?

A home installation package encompasses:
• Mounting the home charger on a brick or plaster wall or another sturdy permanent structure • Installing up to 15 meters of cabling, neatly secured to the wall, connecting your electricity meter, main distribution board, and the home charger • Issuing an electrical certificate to confirm compliance with the UK's 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations.

What are the main types of EV chargers?

Rapid aka super chargers
Rapid or super chargers can be found primarily at highway rest stops and other public locations where super-fast charging is required during a journey. A typical example is the Tesla Super Charger, which charges the vehicle up to 80% in just 20 minutes.
Fast chargers
Fast chargers have become the industry standard for home and workplace charging, allowing people to charge their vehicles in a matter of hours, depending on the vehicle and charging point rating. The most common fast charger we install has a 7kW rating and will charge most vehicles from 0 to 100% in 6 to 12 hours.
Slow aka trickle chargers
Slow chargers (also known as trickle chargers) are typically used only for emergency charging and can take 12-24 hours or more to charge the vehicle. They typically use a standard 13A plug socket and are not intended to be used on a daily basis because they may overload your home’s sockets.

What is the difference between tethered and socketed charge points?

A tethered charge point features a long cable with either a Type 1 or Type 2 connector. It's crucial to verify the type of connector compatible with your EV before choosing a tethered charge point. On the other hand, a socketed charge point, which lacks a cable, functions as a universal charging station compatible with any electric car equipped with a fast-charging cable.

If I want to install a charge point will you survey my property for free?

Of course! Our site surveys for EV chargepoint installations are 100% complimentary.

How long is the charging time for electric vars?

The charging duration depends on your vehicle's battery size and the charge point's speed. For instance, a 60kWh battery can be fully charged in under 8 hours using a 7kW charge point.

What power rating is recommended for my home socket?

In the UK, chargers with power ratings between 3-7 kW are popular and generally recommended. While some homes with a single-phase (AC) electricity supply can accommodate an additional 7 kW load, others with a three-phase (AC) supply might support up to 22 kW chargers. It's vital to consult with the installer to ensure your fuse board can handle the extra load from a home charging station.

Where can I locate charging points for my electric car?

Now, with over 48,000 charging point connections spread across the UK, recharging your electric vehicle is more convenient than ever. Find out where your nearest charging point is

How do we make transitioning to EVs simple?

Our tried and trusted process

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